Heidegger Reading

*I apologize as I am doing this from a phone, my computer broke, and I may be doing this incorrectly*

Some thought provoking concepts are the introduction of the literal meaning of a word to draw conclusions as well as the idea that thinking of words by their literal meaning can bring about some kind of “freeness.”

The idea that “he inhabits them [roads, bridges, etc] and yet does not dwell in them,” is quite beautiful, and brings about a sense of belonging to things in this world that exist outside of one’s dwelling.

However, in terms of housing shortages, I am having trouble viewing a solution to these issues as a simple reevaluation of language. Language is surely an important part of making meaning, but I wonder if it is enough to bring about proper change. And if it isn’t, then what is?

It it is explained that the real problem is not the shortage of housing, but a humans need to ever learn to dwell. To me, this sounds as if the blame is placed on the individual rather than the society. Which has me wondering which angle to approach this problem at, the micro or macro level? Somewhere in between? All of them? None?




Shelley Kendall


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