Heidegger takes us down an etymological rabbit hole, and the results are confusing at first (to me), but fascinating!

Building, Dwelling, Thinking is full of all of these interesting illuminations regarding word origins and how they play into his philosophy. One of my favorites is his insight into “sparing” as leaving a thing in its own essence – this state of freedom and peace and balance being the central characteristic of dwelling.

And what of Heidegger’s bridge? There’s an interesting physicality to his description here. “The bridge gathers the earth as landscape around the stream.” The bridge is a location, which Heidegger seems to describe as a portal through which elements of the fourfold can coalesce.

A very conscious first-hand experience I had with a dwelling that was so conspicuously crafted to dialogue with nature and mankind was Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater (image from Wikipedia). Fallingwater_-_DSC05639.JPG

This is from a recent Dwell magazine feature on a house that was built on a steep hillside. It’s interesting to think of this in relation to Heidegger’s thoughts on the relationship between location and space: http://www.dwell.com/houses-we-love/article/jaw-dropping-modern-cabin-nestled-steep-hillside-british-columbia#1





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