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School of Life on Heidegger:

From Wikipedia:

Heidegger (1889 –1976) was a German philosopher and a seminal thinker in the Continental tradition and philosophical hermeneutics, with a growing influence on Analytic philosophy.  Heidegger is best known for his contributions to Phenomenology and Existentialism.

He turned to ontological questions about Being, and recovered what he claimed was the most “primordial” and fundamental philosophical question: the question of Being, of what it means for something to be.

Heidegger argues that human being is even more fundamentally structured by its Temporarility, or its concern with, and relationship to time, existing as a structurally open “possibility-for-being.” Heidegger thought the presence of things for us is not their being, but merely them interpreted as equipment according to a particular system of meaning and purpose. For instance, when a hammer is efficiently used to knock in nails, we cease to be aware of it. This is termed “ready to hand”, and Heidegger considers it an authentic mode, saying that the given (“past”) has presence in an oversimplified way when reduced to possible future usefulness to us.  This occurs within “the history of forgetting about being”.

from Building Dwelling Thinking :

“Enough will have been gained if dwelling and building have become worthy of questioning and thus have remained worthy of thought.” ….”Yet as soon as man gives thought to his homelessness, it is a misery no longer.  Rightly considered and kept well in mind, it is the sole summons that calls mortals into their dwelling” (338-339).

I like to interpret this towards an idea of consciousness and thought as creation.

~Kalia B.


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