Mental, Social and Environmental ecologies as the root of Guattari’s writing, demonstrates at a basic level of mans struggle and our repetitive nature as a society. We cannot expect to have a different result by repeating the same actions and beliefs practiced over the last decade. An evolution in thinking is required to transcend to a deeper understanding of the world around us and a connection to one another.

“Man has been educated by his errors. First, he always saw himself only incompletely; second, he endowed himself with fictitious attributes; third, he placed himself in a false order of rank in relation to animals and nature; fourth, he invented ever new tables of goods and always accepted them for a time as eternal and unconditional: as a result of this, now one and now another human impulse and state held first place and was ennobled because it was esteemed so highly.” Nietzsche

Is it possible for man to change his perception, or is the herd mentality and a lack of education of the masses essential to safeguard our society as a whole?

Peter Smith


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