“Mortals dwell as they await the divinities as divinities. In hope they hold up to the divinities what is unhoped for. They wait for intimations of their coming and do not mistake the signs of their absence. They do not make Gods for themselves and do not worship idols. In the depths of misfortune they wait for the weal that has been withdrawn.”

The invention of religion brought forth mans exploitation of the environment and the goal of reaching some divine reward which will never come. We dwell in the discomfort of the unknown in hopes of salvation. The phycological turmoil of fear binds us all. Primitive cultures living as stewards of the land have a very different outlook on religion and the notions of divinity, rewarding them with peace and prosparity in their own enlightenment.

We dwell, therefore we build in effort to reach our on salvation and return to being closer to God. Technological advancement is mans focus in effort to become more like god as is the path laid out in our biblical ideologies engrained in our culture, especially at the time this selection was written.

Heidegger was a genius using this common thread of thinking shared by society to draw deeper connections between man and nature. Though he himself was an atheist.


Peter Smith


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