Shelter of Public Acceptance

“Tourism, for example, usually amounts to no more than a journey on the spot, with the same redundancies of images and behavior”

To be sheltered by an image. It think today we shelter ourselves from the idea of being ignorant. With the affordances of technology concerning documentation of places we have travelled to, “worldly” adventures we have accomplished, social media plays a huge role in advancing our selves up the ladder of a refined and cultural person. But in reality are we more concerned about the picture with the Eiffel tower rather than learning what the Eiffel tower even is?

Theo Movie

“Obviously it would be inconceivable to try to go back to the old formulas, which relate to periods when the planet was far less densely populated and when social relations we mush stronger than they are today. ”

How can we argue the strength of relationships from past to present? Just within the past ten years, communication and relationship exchanges, developments and way of forming have drastically changed. From texting and facetiming to blogging and tweeting- communication is just different.  So are we debating on face to face time, or on value of kinship? Because no matter the subject i believe our social relations even if more brief- have exponentially exceeded in empathy which is one of the strongest forms of social relationships.

” A stifling cloak of silence has been thrown over the emancipatory struggles of women, and of the new proletariat: the unemployed, the ‘marginalized’, immigrants.”

Have any of these groups eve have a voice? If not only once strong man among the tribe?









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