To choose a life of outward poverty or living with less, provides the internal phycological reward of simplicity and clearness of thought. In todays society we are anesthetized by technology, widening further the gap and connection between man and nature. In many ways the conversation Thoreau developed between primitive culture and modern society points to an underlying theme that in many ways less is more. We can see by todays standards the things we own, own us. Mortgage payments, cars and technology we don’t need bind us. Shortening the shackles to the society that imprisons us, leaving no room for our true knowledge within.

Nietzsche comments on this in his novel “Thus Spoke Zarathustra.” With the death of god, man is put in the position to assesses his own morals. The true path to happiness is the individuals realization of his own true talent, exercising his will to become morally better.

“He who possesseth little is so much the less possessed. Blessed be moderate poverty!”


— Peter Smith


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