to Be a philosopher & a surveyor

“To stand on the meeting of two eternities,

the past and the future,

which is precisely the present moment(Thoreau, 14).”


I have a difficult experience understanding and balancing the weight & significance of the past, present, & future.  Especially in dealing with the present for a better future… I think much of the human race has this problem.  I thought this chart showed a nice visualization of what we are dealing with, so that we may understand it and leverage it all more positively & effectively.


most people do not own a shelter in ‘civilized’ society, ‘savages’ generally do

Housing Crisis Visualization Artpiece : First and foremost the housing crisis in New York City exemplifies what Thoreau is talking about in his paper.  I also just data love visualizations and this idea of making it this alive, 3D art piece makes it so entrancing, inspiring and effective for me. 


“The cost of a thing is the amount of what I will call life which is required to be exchanged for it(Thoreau, 24).”SIMPLICITY-less-stuff-less-work-less-expense-equa.jpg



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