Shelter | Shelley Kenda

In a cheesey attempt to draw meaning from a cheesey movie, I present the imdb page for “Shelter,” a movie about two homeless people that find love and learn that your “home” is not a place, but a person, a state of mind.

While dramatized by Hollywood, there are underlying concepts that ring similar to what is being discussed by Thoreau.

While Thoreau speaks more of an un-need for luxury as opposed to a need for love, the general emphasis on intangible things over material things is brought up repeatedly.

When thinking about these concepts, it is hard for me not to relate.

“Who does not remember the interest with which when young he looked at shelving rocks, or any approach to a cave? It was the natural yearning of that portion of our most primitive ancestor which still survived in us.”

To move on from my original point, I mention this continual struggle in human nature: to constantly progresss, and to constantly revert. Going too far in one direction has proved dangerous, yet so has going too far in the other.

Siddhartha Guatama urged his followers to heed his example by going into the woods and leaving behind everything one has ever known.

For some, quite the spiritual awakening came about. For others, peril ensued, as some returned home for lack of food and shelter, and died of hunger or by way of natures elements.

EDT: my links are not showing up after posting on my phone; I have sent them in an email instead and will adjust once I get to a computer lab as my laptop is still out for repairs.




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