Thoreau – Economy response

What is this notion that going to the extreme opposite of something will solve all the issues of the original thing?

I’m also interested in the idea of romanticized “primitive” or “frontier life”. Do people born into those circumstances share Transcendentalist views? Why are we divided into “civilized/modern” and “primitive” life?

I thought about Thoreau’s quote about people who are “sojourners in civilized life”, and found articles and videos about people who are interested in alternative lifestyles to modern living.

Man asked how he could drop out from society:

The second link mentions Thoreau’s basic needs: “food, water, clothing, shelter, and fuel.” The author encourages “de-institutionalizing” yourself by seeking out low-budget alternatives to your lifestyle.

A video of a woman living off the grid:

Thoughts on quotes:

“inheritance is a burden”51h8x07fd7l-_sx351_bo1204203200_












Maria Kondo is regarded as an organizational guru, and her approach to decluttering has been described as “life changing”, “therapeutic” and “freeing”.







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