Walden -Economic

Seems Thoreau is introducing a minimalism living way which is out of the community and the capitalism circulation(work – consume).

Every subject owns their product and live by their own product.


But I think Thoreau’s method only works because Walden is a good place for living. The weather is good and the nobody claim the land. And you can have some fish or potato because the soil  is not that bad and there is a lake.  Maybe you can dispel wolves because you have gun(which is probably made by other worker) or there is no wolves or any bad animals to screw your crops and plant.

But hey just imagine why there are communities and countries.

What happens if there are group of bandits want to rob your stored food(just for surviving).

And there are no such a good place around you. Weather is severe.

And I really doubt you can build a small house with $28.



Here’s another question. There are a lot of people who willing to spend 1000+ hours on a survival game but why they don’t want to go to the wild for surviving?



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