Heidegger Reading notes–Phia

Heidegger Reading notes

“We attain to dwelling, so it seems only by means of building”

Not only we as humans desire building structures, a garden, etc but also a life. We build these means to build our own lives. Additionally, to dwell is as much about building as it is to maintain or preserve in order to protect that structure and life.

“mans being rests in his capacity to cultivate and safeguard the earth, to protect it from thoughtless exploitation”

Our natural tendency is to create this idea of roots or to dwell.

However, we as creatures also have this inherent instinct or tendency to live somewhat nomadically. We enjoy and find adventure in change and moving from place to place. This notion correlates to the technical definition of dwell, which is a slight regular pause in the motion of a machine. Humans are this machine, continuously moving, growing, etc., but when we dwell we pause this inherent machine like quality we have.


Phia McDonnell


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