Lisa Roberston response

Brief note on isolation:

One of my favorite ambient albums deals with the concept of isolation, disconnect and solitude ( It’s available on Spotify to listen.


Although Robertson questions the childhood home as a place of nostalgia, I thought of a game that encourages that nostalgia. (

Can you explain what “virtual” stands for in the quote: “In the suburbs we learn to understand virtual…” (page. 175)


“He leaves and is resolved to make good by his ingenuity the careless neglect of nature.” (page. 177)

“Is architecture a monument to the failure of pastoral utopia.” (page. 177)

It is interesting that Roberston views nature has having humanistic qualities, rather than as a force that exists in, around and outside of our relationship to it.

In paragraph six, Robertson describes the shack in relation to the minimum as freedom. We’ve touched on the romantic movement of “Return to Nature”. I’m interested in the difference of living minimum as freedom and minimum as indentured.





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