Spaces in Shacks

“In the shack, the implied trajectories from bed to stove, from stove to door, from door to larder shelf, animate space with the vivacity of the body. The subject, absent, is nevertheless immanent in the shack’s surfaces and in the ordinance or its spaces. It this sense the shack preserves the epistemological structure of classical nature.”

Whether or not this quote means what I think it means… it had me thinking about the use of small spaces such as shacks. When thinking and researching about shacks and tiny homes I begun to realize that there are no clear boundaries between spaces, rather, everything is uniquely configured into one space so that the structure is as minimalist as possible. Since shacks and tiny homes often create a livable space, the arrangement and creativity in storage fascinates me. These spaces question and challenge our necessities that we require for our living arrangements.

Cabins in Film – The Hateful Eight:

Mackenzie Connor


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