Skills in Our Collective

Per our discussion last week:


George: Lighting, Photography, Setting Up a Photoshoot


Sasha: Community knowledge, materials, building


Peter: Carpentry, building, materials, ceramics, specialty sales


Shelley: Photography, video, studio lighting, volunteer work


Phia: Painting, sculpture, electrical, volunteer work


Mike: Photograph, set building, documentary, writing, editing


Adriana: Art instructor, photography, research, narrative


Mackenzie: Film, documentary, welding, woodworking


Lindsay: photography, weaving, furniture, restore books


Ryn: building, wood, talking to people / interviewing, graphic design, system design


Gang: sound recording, sound making (noise, etc.), 3D modeling, projector mapping, system thinking, game design


Kalia: writing / organizing information, welding/wood working, public art, arduino, VR


Ed: producing, editing, curating, creative thinking, writing, project origination, finding resources (financial, etc).


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