“Eyes Which Do Not See”

Le Corbusier, “Towards a New Architecture”

“The problem of the house has not yet been stated. Nevertheless there do exist standards for the dwelling house.” (Pg.4)

In the 1920s, Corbusier was sharing his thoughts on the fact that an airplane is a direct response to a certain problem that has been posed- how to expedite travel by sky. Opposite to this is the answer to the problem of dwelling. If we have not yet decided what the collective problem is exactly, how can we possibly think we have an adequate answer.

Shelter: Dwelling

Engineer: Architect


Physical Labor:Mental Labor


Right Angles: Curves


“… intentions which not do speak the language of architecture,… arrive at the illusion of plan.” (Pg.5)

This could really play into the “folk art vs. fine art”discussion and bring us to the “Owner Builder Creativity Vs. Architecture.”  Is a Shack that is lovingly built, the illusion of plan? and Is the building premedidated and designed a proper piece of Architecture?


~Sasha Batorsky


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