Le Corbusier Reading | Shelley Kendall

“Tract housing development makes use of few architectural designs, and labor costs are reduced because workers need to learn the skills and movements of constructing only those designs rather than repeat the learning curve. In addition, as all homes in the development will be built at the same time, the cost of purchasing and transporting building supplies may be reduced due to economies of scale. Components such as roof trusses, plumbing trees, and stair systems are often prefabricated in factories and installed on-site. This allows builders to offer lower prices, which in turn can make homes affordable to a larger percentage of the population.”  – Wikipedia

I can’t help but think of The Stepford Wives, when it comes to tract housing and mass produced housing. Especially when it is described in terms of being “a guarantee against willfulness,” or that there is “no longer any question of custom, nor of tradition.”

Of course, this idea of “all the same” for much cheaper and more affordable makes sense. But what does this idea manifest into later?

Potential answer:





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