Le Courbusier

One of the more interesting aspects of the reading was Le Courbusier’s discussion of the house as a machine, akin to a car or airplane. Given the explosion of suburban sprawl that continues to this day, it’s remarkable how prescient his commentary was given that it was made in 1923.

“We must create the mass production spirit”. I wonder what this means! I would say that in a lot of art that has focused on examining mass-production, it shows the spirit has been lost. And I think because unlike a car or similar mass-produced thing, there can be no one-size-fits-all dwelling. It may be a work of efficient technical perfection, but will it be imbued with soul? Where does the soul come from? Is it from the producer, the inhabiter, or some combination of both?

Images: 1. I photographed a hand-made cedar home in Alaska made entirely from local wood from the Pacific Northwest


2. My mother’s neighborhood in Cary, NC, a sprawling suburb outside of Raleigh-Durham





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