Le Corbusier

“The machinery of Society, profoundly out of gear, oscillates between an amelioration, of historical importance, and a catastrophe.”

…”It is a question of building which is at the root of the social unrest of to-day : architecture or revolution.”

I’m really interested in this idea of the social role of architecture, I think that’s a big theme/direction we are headed in this class and with our final project.

Le Corbeusier has this idea that architecture can go beyond the potential of a political revolution.

What is the link between aesthetics and politics?

Herbert Marcuse makes an argument about this,

‘In its autonomy art both protests these relations, and at the same time transcends them. Art therefore subverts the dominant consciousness, the ordinary experience.’

From this Marcuse concludes that art can be revolutionary in the
stylistic changes that it brings about, which disrupt accepted aesthetic conventions and reflect broader social changes.

->Critical Aesthetics

–>architecture as we know it is a meme, that can change

Architecture as A subversive Act/ DIY Cities

“The now-infamous Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong functions as an experiment in how subversive acts of architecture, building, and living can develop organically.”



In my research of LeCorbusier I found:

LeCorbusier was passionate about using the golden ratio as a system to scale his architecture as well as the system of human measurements and Fibonacci numbers.  (I’m excited to see this and remember that I put the golden ration on my  original mind map of what a shelter is/should be.)

Thus he developed the Modular, a system of measurement:

The five points challenge popular views of architecture:

I especially like the open floor plan point, I also included this in my original mind map 🙂



Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 12.24.45 AM.png

I really like shelter that is somewhat of a personal temple/ place of ritual and worship and sanctuary. I  would love to visit an alternative altar or temple dedicated to the environment/ecology.



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