Utopia and Thomas Hirschhorn

Mountain Collage


A collage I made that has a utopian like feel.


I found some sections in particular of Thomas’ interview to be quite interesting:

“…These things are important not because I have selected them and made them evident by enlarging them, but because their importance can be judged differently from one person to the next.”

-I feel thats always an important element when it comes to art, leaving your work a bit open ended to allow your audience to interpret it/ connect to it in their own personal way.

“ As an artist, I don’t think I have to resolve paradoxes and contradictions or to fight confusion; I myself feel confused and full of contradictions”

– I agree with this statement in that I don’t think artist always have to define and explain everything, there are definitely times I create things and don’t have a full explanation for my reasoning.

“ I think those who use the term ‘installation’ to differentiate this genre from painting, video, photography, etc., are lazy, because they believe the decision to work in one or another medium is a formal choice.”

-I don’t think I necessarily agree that artists that use the phrase installation are ‘lazy’, I think that’s a pretty bold statement… I think its simply a way to explain the form your art is taking, incorporating whatever medium you choose.

Thomas’ approach to his project The Gramsci Monument was quite interesting-

Not wanting to help a community but rather have the community help you create art. Theres a big difference.


^a similar approach to bettering a community


Lindsay Jones



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