Sorry, maybe I’m so bad at reading.

I feel difficult to write this response because I read all the reading  but I still can hardly see the relation between Utopia and Hirschorn’s work….or maybe the idea is too obvious?

I agree that all artists are probably Utopian because most of them want this world become a better place. But who don’t want to…?


I like Hirschorn’s idea. I always think that there is no professional artist. Because everyone is artist. Just like “everyone is intellectual.”

Hirschorn don’t want anything to “interfere” with his project. It looks like he is protecting the community from the disturbing by outsider.

But actually he don’t want be interfere by the members from the community as well.

It’s like : you can do your art but don’t interfere with my project.

But ,what if my art is to interfere  ….  I think Utopia is at least a place that everyone can interfere(when necessary). I know this is full of contradiction.





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