confucius.jpgLately I have been exploring the notion of utopia while researching and reading on influential people throughout history…everyone from Confucius to C.S Lewis. Through this research I have come to realize the vast amount of unacknowledged information there is on these people.

Confucius in particular relates to this notion of utopia because his ideas and teachings were a result of the chaotic Chinese culture he was living in. He was looking forward to a future where father and ruler held similar importance, and tradition and stability were vital to attaining a peaceful and powerful society. Despite the notions of peace and “yin and yang” being in the forefront of peoples heads when they think of Confucius, he was in actuality politically motivated. Confucius desired nothing more than to be an emperor himself and although he never attained this goal he ultimately instilled imperialism– a system of dictatorship, classes, and ancient thinking.

Utopias and Utopia the reading (which I read in its entirety last year in a travel class while studying abroad) poses these notions of how ones idea of perfection can lead to a misleading world.


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