Water rights–phia

Kevin cooley, a California based artist, focuses his work on the water crises happening right here in the United States. Although he is not trying to be a public service or even an educator, he indirectly is doing so. By displaying his work in an unconventional and innovative format (using  high quality images and videos displayed together on small screens and sculptures made of contaminated objects) he is forcing the viewer to View an artwork in a new way and there for think and reflect on the issue at hand. This I find to be a really interesting concept. Maybe by changing the classic format of a way a work should classically be displayed we cause the viewer to think more deeply and more actively.




for my next crit I want to not only continue working on my blog and my findings but share an outline for my final work (be a paper, a physical piece, etc) as it has formed  thus far and recieve feedback.


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