Guattari talks about how our environmental problems are the result of other issues. He breaks these down into the three ecologies: Mental, Social, and the Environment. He introduces the reading telling us that as individuals and collective human beings, we’re changing the way we’re living in a negative way. The relationship between subjectivity and exteriority has been compromised. The essences of these issues are the human and his response to technological advancements, not the technology itself. The rapid advancement of technology was able to consume us through our fascination. It led us to shut off our socially engaging characteristic that we have as humans and resulted in negatively affecting a diverse amount of relationships that once allowed us to benefit and progress off each others intellect.

“Obviously it would be inconceivable to try and go back to the old formulas, which relate to periods when the planet was far less densely populated and when social relations were much stronger than they are today. But it will be a question of literally reconstructing the modalities of ‘group-being’.”



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