Social Practice/Wodiczko

While reading about the homeless vehicle with David Lurie I’m constantly asking myself why homeless people need these sophisticated vehicles that they have to care for. Homeless people need goods and services that are provided for them but they may not keep. The goal is to get homeless people off the street and back on their feet. I always see homeless people sitting around during the day doing nothing. While researching I stumbled upon a project in Vancouver that utilizes shipping containers as temporary shelter for homeless people. It looks half decent and it doesn’t cost much to maintain it.

The shelter is designed to be delivered every evening, picked up by dawn, so that it can be returned back by evening. The fact that it’s a shipping crate makes it so much more mobile than other shelter options. The shelter having been removed during the day can encourage the homeless to do something proactive during the day since they no longer have this place of settlement. I think their need to be more resources like this that allow homeless to take steps forward to get off the street. They could create a shipping container with an abundance of mailboxes that allows a homeless person to have an address. Creating a modernized shopping cart vehicle for them wouldn’t be effective in helping them move forward, rather, it would just help them live more comfortably and organized.



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