Design, Art, Physics….Value Creation

Home is where the art is

the conditioning of humankind, eventually pointing out the absurdity – and danger – of strict scientific models.

-reminds me of work I’m studying by David Bohm :

He talks about the false force of absolute necessity.  How we come to think of certain ideas and ways of life as absolutely necessary and that limits us hugely.  We have to keep our ideas vulnerable- both of the physical world and of the metaphysical world.  He believes the only absolute necessity is the same as freedom.

He also emphasizes how we need to think in terms of the whole and the parts, thus ecologically.


artist as manufacturer

the system that generates value 

Bohm’s soma-significance theory – the physical and the mental are not separate.  Each aspect reflects and implies the other.


via Unfolding Meaning by David Bohm

“the type of activity that art may actually be”

-a service-oriented activity 

-home, show-room and laboratory<3

her life as site of experimentation

-ongoing performance 

-experimental living 

What we as consumers must do is to redefine our objects within the context of our own needs.

It is the need to validate these early experiments that created the oppressive morality that we react to now.



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